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MAIS Art Contest Winners

Pictured below top to bottom: 

Meg Miller-1st Place State, Dylan Kirk-1st District, Elsie Patterson-1st District, Brig Turner-1st District, Annalee Boatner-2nd District, Rowan Murphy-2nd District, 
Kaitlyn Becker-2nd District, Brynn Blackstock-2nd District, Taylor Sullivan-Taylor-2nd District, Kaitlyn Warren-2nd District

meg miller-1st state   dylan kirk-1st district      

Elsie Patterson-1st District   brig turner-1st district   

Annalee Boatner-2nd district    Rowan Murphy


Kaitlyn Becker-2nd district    Brynn Blackstock-2nd district      

Taylor Sullivan-Taylor--2nd District      Kaitlyn Warren--2nd District