BA Boosters

  • BA Boosters field

    The Benton Academy Booster Club works on behalf of the entire school to improve our facilities and various programs.  The Booster Club works to improve not only the Athletics Department, but also other school-related programs to benefit the overrall student experience at Benton Academy.  The BA Boosters are of the belief that ALL patrons are "boosters." The Booster Club will consider helping with any project/request the school/patron has.

    Some of the projects assisted by the BA Boosters include

    • New weight equipment for boys' locker room
    • New weight equipment for girls' locker room
    • Batting cage
    • Athletic fields updates
    • Football field pressbox
    • Basketball locker rooms
    • Music program

    If you would like to get involved with the BA Boosters and impact our school in a positive manner, you may contact Michael McCain.