Benton Academy

Making The Potential Reality

Senior Corner

  • The senior class of 2020 will be long remembered as the class that faced a pandemic and came out on top. We all were just rocking along until spring break and then Wham! We had no idea this was coming and that it would last until past the end of school. We held out hope each week would be the last, and we could get together to finish this school year. This did not happen, but you made the best of a very difficult time. This proves that you can defeat any enemy that comes your way.

    We have missed seeing our seniors on a daily basis. We hope we have prepared you well enough for the next phase of your life. We feel that you are ready to be on your own. Maybe this time of distance learning has helped you prepare for college and careers. You have been a joy to be around. We know that all of you will be successful in whatever endeavors you choose to encounter.

    Good luck and remember where you came from and visit us when you can. God bless you all!