Mission and Philosophy

  • Mission  

    Benton Academy dedicates itself through its curricula, community service, and athletics 
    to instilling our students with academic excellence and a Christian world view.         


    Benton Academy exists primarily for the students of the community. Learning is a continuous lifetime endeavor, and the school seeks to provide an education for each child, regardless of ability or environment, as well as the opportunity to develop to one's maximum potential in the areas of mental maturity, moral values, physical fitness, emotional adjustment, social development, civic responsibility, and spiritual awareness from a Christ-centered point of view.  A wholesome relationship between the faculty and students enhances this educational process and equips students to become efficient members of a democratic society, as well as empowers them to adapt to changes in the future.

    To help students make their potential reality, Benton Academy prioritizes the Core Value of Academic Achievement. Education is the path to being independent, productive, and contributing members of society.  Disciplines learned and mastered in the pursuit of academic achievement bear fruit in one's adult life such as the ability to focus on a project or goal, perform the hard work necessary to achieve it by employing critical thinking skills, and by stimulating further intellectual curiosity that enables one to remain a lifelong learner committed to self-improvement.

    An educated work force is a productive work force and a stabilizing element to society as a whole. To achieve this aim, the school offers a flexible curriculum which provides a basic foundation to meet the need of each student.  Each student is held to a high standard and the expectation that they can and must try their personal best.

    To help students achieve their potential, Benton Academy emphasizes the Core Value of Community Awareness. The school and its students do not exist in a vacuum.  The community, which includes the local community, the county, state, and ultimately the nation and world, is the place where we all engage in living.  The student is encouraged and expected to gain an understanding and appreciation that one has a responsibility to become involved in the community and to work together to help make it better for one another.  Responsible citizens contribute to their community and this is taught in the home and the classroom.

    To help students achieve their potential, Benton Academy focuses on the Core Value of Athletic Accomplishment. Athletics provide a twin benefit to the student. The first benefit is that of physical fitness. The second benefit is the mastery of a skill through hard work and discipline necessary to compete effectively.  Such can equip a student with an enhanced degree of self-confidence, self-discipline, teamwork, and respect for others that are necessary skill sets needed for success in life.

    To help students achieve their potential, Benton Academy utilizes the Core Value of Christian Attitude and Action. Learning, community action, and sports are to be Christ-centered.  Life is to be Christ-centered.  Jesus was the Master Teacher who incorporated the whole person in His teaching and ministry in order for them to be whole.  Our school seeks to emphasize the same thing.  A Christ-centered world view, attitude, and corresponding actions enable the student to build a productive life and positively impacts the community.

    The educational process at Benton Academy seeks harmony among the administration, the faculty, the students, and the community.  Through this unique spirit of cooperative endeavors and committment to the core values, it is hoped that each student will gain the knowledge and wisdom needed as a foundation for future preparation in his/her chosen vocation and at the same time develop a keen respect for the process of education.

    Core Values              

    Core Value One: Academic Achievement
    Core Value Two: Community Awareness
    Core Value Three: Athletic Accomplishment
    Core Value Four:  Christian Attitude-Action