Dress Code

  • All students are required to dress in a manner which reflects modesty and common sense.


    • Beards and mustaches are not permitted
    • Hair should be neat, clean, well-groomed, and no longer than collar of dress shirt.  It should be cut above the ears and out of the eyes.
    • No earrings will be allowed.
    • Only walking shorts may be worn.
    • Pants must be worn in an acdeptable manner with no boxers showing.
    • Sleeveless shirts are not allowed.
    • T-shirts may be worn untucked but must be sized appropriately.
    • All collared shirts must be tucked in.
    • No caps or hats allowed on campus during school hours except on Fridays after purchasing a hat pass.
    • No gym shorts or sweats.
    • No pajama tops/bottoms


    • Wearing apparel should reflect modesty and traditional taste.
    • No spaghetti strap shirts.
    • Any shirt worn must measure two (2) inches across the shoulders.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • Crop tops, racerback shirts, shirts with holes in the back, halters, low-cut blouses, strapless dresses are not allowed.
    • Midriffs are not allowed.
    • Dresses, skirts and shorts should not be shorter than fingertip level.  
    • No short shorts or overall shorts allowed.
    • No hats may be worn.
    • No body piercings are allowed with the exception of earrings in the ears.
    • No gym shorts or sweats.
    • No pajama tops/bottoms.

    Boys & Girls

    • T-shirts with suggestive or provocative themes (some concert t-shirts, etc.) or with alcoholic or tobacco inscriptions are not allowed.
    • No athletic pants of any kind unless the team is wearing them on game day.
    • Clothing with holes above the kneww are not allowed. No Exceptions.
    • Students who have tattoos must keep them covered at all times!

    If a student comes to school inappropriately dressed, parents will be notified and the students will not be allowed to attend classes until he/she can arrange for a change of clothes.  Classes missed for this reason will be unexcused and will result in a zero for missed classes.  Students may have the option of wearing clothing provided by the office or sent home.

    Repeat violations of the dress code by one or more individuals can result in immediate termination of the dress code privileges.